The 12 Characteristics of a High Performing Alumni Relations Office

With the impact of COVID-19, alumni relations office must quickly elevate their game to remain relevant to both alumni and to the institution during these uncertain times and beyond. READ MORE

Alumni Engagement Strategic Planning: A Necessary Normaltics of a High Performing Alumni Relations Office

COVID-19 has created widespread uncertainty as to the funding of higher and secondary education and not-for-profit organizations, which of course extends to the alumni engagement field. READ MORE

Alumni Relations Forecast 2020: Reboot

In December, I asked 50 leading alumni directors their thoughts on the approaching decade with a simple question: “What is your biggest concern entering 2020?” This led to publication of the article, “Alumni Relations Forecast 2020: Relevance Rules.” READ MORE

The Importance of an Alumni Board

It’s for good reason that the topic of alumni board management receives considerable discussion whenever alumni directors get together. READ MORE

Training Students to Become Alumni

Not long ago, my recently-graduated son received his first gift-request letter from his university. Knowing that I’m in the business, he showed me the letter with a quizzical, “What’s this?” I sighed. “They want money from me?” he asked, confounded.  “Why?” READ MORE

The Alumni Relations Fork in the Road

 A “roadmap” in the form of a strategic plan is essential for the alumni office to establish a path for engaging graduates in a manner that strengthens their connection and advances the institution. READ MORE